What if the U.S. project running currently to eliminate all rivals and replace them with their people fails and is seen to fail? What if the Chinese Communist Party stays resolutely in place and China continues her economic growth and expands her influence? What if this latter circumstance means that the U.S. elites perceive their goal of achieving 'full spectrum dominance’ is lost? Might they countenance one last desperate throw of the dice in those last moments when all seems lost?

The goal of full spectrum dominance set in motion after 9/11 was never meant to be countermanded and in fact there is certainly a prohibition on any future U.S. president or administration to countermand it. The very security of the American nation was seen to depend upon it and for it to be fulfilled at all costs and in all circumstances. No half measures were to be countenanced, nothing short of total security would do. Not a percentage of total security, an entirely secure system was to be put in place monitored 24/7 from space after all non-compliant entities had been removed.

So, what if China stays resolutely opposed to having its present system of governance undermined? What if this holds true for Russia also? And others such as Iran, Syria, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and others who have no wish to be supervised, managed and punished whenever deemed necessary in a unipolar world where the USA is global controller.

What if the project to secure the USA’s future in the total security envisaged fails to reach its objective?

What if China continues to send her technology into space along with Russia and shows not one sign of being willing to have the revolution against their authorities the USA and its allies seek? In recent days Russia and China have said they will work together on creating a Lunar Space Station. Under Trump the U.S. Space Corp was founded and we will soon see the Ice Cold War (as I call it) transferred to the Earth’s orbit and lunar surface.

China is working toward the completion of her ‘Belt and Road’ initiative to bring trade with Europe to higher and higher levels. Russia has almost completed her ‘Nordstream2‘ pipeline to bring Russian gas into the heart of Europe bypassing one of the USA’s most strategic allies, Ukraine in the process.

You will have noticed the ramping up of western propaganda against China in recent weeks and months to almost match that against Russia of the many years previously. This indicates to me that a parallel ramping up of desperation within the ranks of the western elites is also occurring.

In my view the pandemic has caused the elites running the full spectrum dominance project to reconfigure their timeline of planned events. The highly negative economic consequences for the West and the speedy return to health of that of China has been the cause of the increase in aggression by the West in line with a foreshortening of the predicted timeline on the path to eliminating China as a barrier.

If no catastrophic events intervene China will gain an enormously expanded degree of influence within Europe over the next five to ten years due to the expanded and upgraded transport infrastructure she is now putting in place. The influence of the USA in Europe cannot help but diminish and this is exactly the converse of what U.S. elites have planned. U.S. influence was programed to increase, expand and become ever more pervasive after 9/11 and each administration has attempted to make this so.

Putin was the primary target along with the other well known regime change targets seen hit hard in the first years after 9/11. Putin stood in the way of the other projects scheduled for the Middle East and eastern Europe. despite all efforts by the USA, UK and their allies he has withstood all attacks aimed at removing him.

The desperation to attain the post 9/11 goals has only grown in recent years due to the timetable falling further and further behind in terms of nations successfully undermined and rendered “safe”. If China now powers ahead with an extremely strong economic push both at home and into Europe, if Russia remains ever more effectively defended in terms of weaponry (hypersonic missiles etc.) and successfully negotiates its internal west-fomented protest movements (Navalny, etc.) what then?

Then the post 9/11 project to attain full spectrum dominance, full, predictable and actionable global overview and control is lost.


Unless, as has been reported in recent years, the elites of the USA now believe that limited tactical nuclear strikes are no longer unthinkable but a potential strategic asset that can be used where all other options have failed.

Is this where we are now headed?

If the current ramping up of anti-China propaganda and demonization projects to coincide with those against Russia is seen to have failed and all hope of other subversion events being effective drops to zero... will nuclear strikes be seen as the single last option to save the day and allow the project to continue towards its goal?